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Pre-schoolers are spring-loaded with energy. At this age, they love to run around outdoors, climb things, crawl under things, ride on things and muck around with water. SPARKS exclusive Early Childhood Development Program is scientifically designed and tailor made for each child based on their behavioral patterns

Head Start (Age 1.6- 1.9)

Headstart is an upsetting first school youngster improvement program for the babys age assembles 1.6 to 1.9 years created on the rule that every kid is unique, every child is virtuoso & every child is genious of its own ability. Headstart Program is meant to create social and enthusiastic abilities while playing which will enhance and hone all senses that youngster uses to see the world.

Playgroup (Age 1.9- 2.5)(

Sparks(TM) Playgroup program advances age-proper, all-encompassing improvement concentrating on sustaining every youngster's correspondence and dialect aptitude, imaginative expression and physical, self and social advancement. Mind incitement is at its crest at this age and accordingly activities that support mental health are actualized in age and formatively fitting courses through play, dialect and investigation activities.

SPARKS(TM) research based International educational program and process systems are intended to help the Early years youngsters learn by understanding things and individuals around them, explore the world, structure connections and take part in dynamic social cooperation's. Early years learning in the Playgroup guarantees a smooth move to the more organized and expertise driven learning desires of the kindergarten years.