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Sparks offers early learner a domain in which they can be effective. At our International focus SPARKSTM kids are given various formatively research based curriculum materials.

Expert teachers and the particular SPARKSTM Curriculum help preschool children prosper scholastically and socially. Our pre-schoolers have the common craving to learn and SPARKSTM makes a situation where they construct instructive establishments and upgrade their affection for learning!

We have faith in making a warm, supporting environment where youngsters feel secure and can pick up trust in their own capacities. We trust that by sharing parts of their local society through music, move, sustenance, dialect and dress, kids grow their insight and comprehension of the world. .

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Head Start (Age 1.6- 1.9)

Headstart is an upsetting first school' youngster improvement program for the baby's age assembles 1.6 to 1.9 years created on the rule that every kid...

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Playgroup (Age 1.9- 2.5)

parks(TM) Playgroup program advances age-proper, all-encompassing improvement concentrating on sustaining every youngster's correspondencea...